Over time your organization has accumulated many valuable Technology Assets.


  • Hardware - network/intranet,  laptops, scanners

  • Software - accounting, inventory, and POS systems, home-grown databases, back-office systems

  • Information - customer data, product data, sales data, instruction/resource manuals, intellectual property


A robust web presence must consider the benefits of having these technology assets incorporated into an overall integrated solution. Powerful, scalable technologies are constantly emerging and they are changing the way companies conduct their business.

Integrated Web Presence Design

In order to deliver a successful web presence development project, we will work closely with your organization to ensure that everyone agrees on the goals of the project, the deliverables, and how success will be defined. It is for this reason that each engagement begins with a series of information gathering sessions which culminate in a detailed solutions plan. This plan will guide us throughout the lifecycle of your project.

In these meetings we will focus on these major components involved in the integration.


Business Processes - what operations does your organization perform, how are they performed

Technology Assets Integration - company databases, internal/external system interfaces, e-commerce, communication (email, RSS, Blog, on-line chat, etc.)

Site design - layout, structure, navigation

Content Development - copy writing, graphics, video, etc.


Ongoing Web presence management


Because of the dynamic nature of business and technology, the Lexow Group will continue to partner with your organization and advise you on new trends and technologies that will keep your web presence strategy current and tightly integrated.

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